Water, Sewer & Gas Leak Detection and Repair Services

Leak Detection & Repair

Precision Leak Detection, Inc. provides professional leak detection and repair services for homes and businesses throughout the nine (9) San Francisco Bay Area Counties. Our team at Precision Leak Detection, Inc. is committed to quality, the integrity of work, and excellent customer service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is exceptional. We stand behind the work that we perform with a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today to learn more about the services that Precision Leak Detection, Inc. provides.

Our company locates and repairs leaks in pools, spas, ponds and fountains, high pressure irrigation lines, domestic hot & cold water systems, sewer and septic, well, gas, main, and fire protection lines. We are a lead-free certified firm. Our service technicians are NAUI and PADI certified scuba divers.


At Precision Leak Detection, Inc. our team of highly trained expert technicians have over 4 decades of combined experience locating residential water, sewer, and gas leaks.


We locate and repair leaks at business properties, managed single family residences, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings.


Precision Leak Detection, Inc. provides industrial sites with leak locating services, including heating and cooling lines, and sewer & storm drain camera inspections.


We provide leak locating and repair services for city infrastructures, including water parks, pool & spas, foundations, schools, and community businesses.

The recent repair work was the second project that PLD performed on my pool. This work, just like the first one, was completed on time. The work exceeded our high level of expectation. Ron, completed the work with precision and professionalism.
Dave I.
Precision Leak Detection came highly recommended and I would do the same. Bill was extremely professional in both his manner and work ethic. We had a scheduled date to repair our pool. Bill arrived at stated, kept us up to date on the leak findings, the repair process, and completion of the repair. Bill is a total professional and outstanding work was completed in the estimated time frame.
Susan C.
The gentleman that you sent could not have been a better representative of your company. I would hire such a talent in a moment if he applied for a job at our company. He represents your company in a fashion very favorable to Precision Leak Detection, Inc. People who meet the public and represent their companies in such a positive manner, are very difficult to find these days.
Dave P.|Dave P.
Bill was fantastic. Showed up on time, took the time to explain what he was doing and why. Went through and explained all of the pool workings, fixed my pool and found my leak then repaired it. Well worth the money.
Neville G.
It is always a great pleasure to work with Bill. Bill is very detailed oriented, explains with a reason on issues, and make recommendations, all with a smile! Love him to bits! Sarqueta, in the office, is a sweetheart and patient as a saint!
Lottie W.