• Residential

    At Precision Leak Detection, Inc. our team of highly trained expert technicians have over 28 years.
  • Commercial

    We locate and repair leaks at business properties, managed single family residences, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings..
  • Industrial

    Our highly trained technicians provide industrial sites with pipe line locating, gas & water leak detections..
  • Municipal

    Our highly trained expert technicians locate, problem solve, and repair water, sewer, & gas leaks for city infrastructures..
Precision Leak Detection provides professional leak detection and repair services for homes and businesses throughout the 9 Bay Area counties. Our team at Precision Leak Detection is committed to quality, integrity of work and superior customer service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is exceptional. We stand behind the work that we perform with a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today to learn more about the services that Precision Leak Detection provides.

We locate and repair leaks in pools and spas, ponds and fountains, irrigation lines, sewer and septic, well, gas, main, and fire protection lines. We are a lead-free certified firm and a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. Our Service Technicians are NAUI and PADI certified scuba divers.



Precision Leak Detection, Inc.