Water, Sewer & Gas Leak Detection and Repair Services

Leak Detection & Repair

Precision Leak Detection, Inc. provides professional leak detection and repair services for homes and businesses throughout the nine (9) San Francisco Bay Area Counties. Our team at Precision Leak Detection, Inc. is committed to quality, the integrity of work, and excellent customer service. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is exceptional. We stand behind the work that we perform with a satisfaction guarantee. Contact us today to learn more about the services that Precision Leak Detection, Inc. provides.

Our company locates and repairs leaks in pools, spas, ponds and fountains, high pressure irrigation lines, domestic hot & cold water systems, sewer and septic, well, gas, main, and fire protection lines. We are a lead-free certified firm. Our service technicians are NAUI and PADI certified scuba divers.


At Precision Leak Detection, Inc. our team of highly trained expert technicians have over 4 decades of combined experience locating residential water, sewer, and gas leaks.


We locate and repair leaks at business properties, managed single family residences, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings.


Precision Leak Detection, Inc. provides industrial sites with leak locating services, including heating and cooling lines, and sewer & storm drain camera inspections.


We provide leak locating and repair services for city infrastructures, including water parks, pool & spas, foundations, schools, and community businesses.

It was such a pleasure to meet both Jim and Kevin. Such great men! I will certainly recommend as well as use the company again. Shannon, in the office was extremely kind, thoughtful & helpful each time I spoke to her.
Kitt S.
Ron did a wonderful job in finding our pool leak and repairing it and installing brickwork to cover the hole made in a cosmetically great manner. He is highly recommended by us and we will turn to PLD for future pool leaks.
Paula K.
PLD came highly recommended and they didn’t disappoint. They were very professional in all aspects from the office staff to the field techs. They were efficient and complete in detecting my leak and helpful in explaining all aspects of the process.
Barry J.
There are only two reasons I give a review on Yelp. Something is either very bad, or extremely good. I am happy to say that in this case, everything was great. After calling several pool leak detection companies, I chose Precision Leak Detection. Originally, the Office Manager, Shannon, upon hearing that I thought I knew where the leak was, offered and emailed me a list of companies who might be able to do the repair, without her company coming out. Upon second thought, I did enlist their services to confirm if I was right, (I was wrong). The owner, Kevin responded on time and was very polite. It is always a pleasure to watch someone who knows his or her job and is thorough and efficient. After, 3-1/2 hours, and after checking all the piping, inlet and suction fittings, lights, tile grout, exercise bar, water makeup system, from both above the pool and inside a “dry suit,” no leak was found in the pool, but was isolated to our waterfall feature. A two page handwritten report detailed what was found, done, and given to me before his departure, along with some advice of what to do next. To my surprise, two days later, I received an email with a typed copy of the report and a receipt for my records. Am I embarrassed in admitting I was wrong in my original diagnosis? No, at my age, nothing embarrasses me anymore, other than hiring a company who is overpriced and does not do their job! PLD’s inspection saved me from doing an un-needed repair, at much greater expense, and I would still have had a leak. The leak has now been fixed. I am happy knowing I will be wasting no more water during the coming months. I am glad I used their services and would not hesitate to do so again.
Glenn R.
Bill was great! Bill came out, took his time, and checked every inch of our pool. We had been losing water for months. He was able to locate the leak in the side of the pool light that we would of never have found and was able to fix the leak! Highly recommend PLD.
Sherry M.