At Precision Leak Detection, Inc. our team of highly trained expert technicians have over 28 years of combined experience locating residential water, sewer, and gas leaks in any concealed area including pools, spas, ponds, fountains, main & well lines, septic, slab foundations, irrigation, barbecue, fire-pits, pool & spa heaters, and radiant heat systems. Our highly trained technicians use state-of-the-art electronic leak, pipe line, infrared, and molecular Helium analyzer locating devices.

We understand that plumbing troubles and water leaks can occur at any given moment. With the cost of water escalating, can you afford to live with a leak? The damage arising from a water or gas leak can be catastrophic. At Precision Leak Detection, Inc. we take locating and repairing leaks very seriously. Our leak detection and repair services are among the most accurate in the industry.

All our highly trained expert technicians are dive certified with Naui or Padi certifications.  Each of our expert technicians are required to take the three hour interactive workshops, three 3-hour confined water pool dives and two days of open water diving where they complete four dives for certification. Since our technicians are dive certified, they are able to properly and safely inspect your pool and spa structures for cracks, tile and grout problems, plaster deterioration issues, skimmers, main drains, and lights that leak.

Each of our highly trained expert technicians are certified and have taken the required eight hours of training, two hours of which were hands-on training to become certified in the use of lead-safe work practices aimed at preventing lead poisoning in children. Precision Leak Detection, Inc. is an EPA, Lead-Safe certified firm specializing in the renovation, repair, and painting practices. When a leak appears in your home, whether it occurs in the walls or slab flooring, Precision Leak Detection, Inc. has the knowledge to safely re-route or re-plumb the water lines.

Our highly trained expert technicians are certified as Certified Pool Operators, (CPO). A certification program that covers comprehensive training in the care and use of pools and spas.  Each of our technicians take the required three day course, covering Essential Calculations, Pool Water Contamination, Disinfection, Water Balance, Pool & Spa Water Problems, Chemical Testing, Chemical Feed & Control, Water Circulation, Pool & Spa Filtration, Heating & Air Circulation, Spa & Therapy Operations, Facility Safety, Keeping Records, Maintenance Systems, Troubleshooting, and Facility Renovation & Design.

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