Our highly trained technicians provide industrial sites with pipe line locating, gas & water leak detections.

Leaks can occur at any given moment. Precision Leak Detection, Inc. provides industrial sites with leak locating services, including heating and cooling lines, and sewer & storm drain camera inspections. When a leak arises, whether it is water, gas, and sewer, Precision Leak Detection, Inc. has the ability to locate pipe line leaks using sonar, infrared scanners, Helium molecular analyzers, and/or camera inspection units.

Precision Leak Detection, Inc. is equipped to locate a leak by the ultrasonic sound created by turbulence and friction within the industrial equipment and/or pipes. Compressed air leaks, vacuum leaks, refrigerant leaks, worn bearings, and internal leaks through valves and steam traps can be located utilizing our state-of-art soar testing equipment. Gas leaks can be detected by introducing industrial grade Helium gas into the system and locating the leak with our molecular analyzers. Our camera inspection units are capable of identifying sewer and storm drain breaks and leaks. Steam leaks, cooling line leaks, and electrical voltage leaks can be detected with our infrared scanners.

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Precision Leak Detection, Inc.