Our highly trained expert technicians locate, problem solve, and repair water, sewer, & gas leaks for city infrastructures.

Our highly trained expert technicians provide leak locating and repair services for city infrastructures, including; water-parks, pool & spas, foundations, schools, community businesses, shopping centers, irrigation, golf courses, water, sewer, and storm drains.

Leaks that city infrastructures experience can result in expensive damage to sidewalks, streets, parking lots, and buildings. As a result of this damage, these leaks can leave a city open to serious liability and repairs. A hole in a pipe the size of a pencil can leak thousands of gallons of water a day. Our team of trained technicians can provide a city with comprehensive and thorough leak detection survey services, saving a city thousands, if not millions of dollars through litigation and costly repairs.

We understand that city operated water-parks, pools, spas, fountain leaks can cause water chemistry to be constantly out of balance, resulting in cloudy water, algae growth, etching of the plaster, and health violations. Hesitating to resolve leak problems can result in the County closing the pool and/or spa facility. Broken or missing main drain covers can add to a violation nightmare. All our trained technicians are underwater dive certified to perform the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (VGBA) main drain cover replacement, including; completing the required California AB 1020 compliance form.

All our highly trained expert technicians are dive certified with Naui or Padi certifications.  Each of our expert technicians are required to take the three hour interactive workshops, three 3-hour confined water pool dives and two days of open water diving where they complete four dives for certification. Since our technicians are dive certified, they are able to properly and safely inspect your pool and spa structures for cracks, tile and grout problems, plaster deterioration issues, skimmers, main drains, and lights that leak.

Our highly trained expert technicians are certified as Certified Pool Operators, (CPO). A certification program that covers comprehensive training in the care and use of pools and spas.  Each of our technicians take the required three day course, covering Essential Calculations, Pool Water Contamination, Disinfection, Water Balance, Pool & Spa Water Problems, Chemical Testing, Chemical Feed & Control, Water Circulation, Pool & Spa Filtration, Heating & Air Circulation, Spa & Therapy Operations, Facility Safety, Keeping Records, Maintenance Systems, Troubleshooting, and Facility Renovation & Design.

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