The Water Meter Test

These are instructions on how to check your water meter to find out if you might have a leak.

  • Depending on the type of water meter, the test should be conducted for at least a 15 minute period, during which time no water is being used on the property. Make sure the refrigerator ice maker is turned off in the event it is nearing an ice-making cycle.
  • Locate your water meter, which is usually located in front of the house near the edge of the street in a covered concrete box. Note! Sometimes the water department will spray paint the edge of the street with blue paint next to your property line. This indicates the area where your water meter is located.
  • Remove the concrete cover to expose the water meter inside. Open the site glass cover which should be on a hinge protecting the meter dials. Write down the numbers indicated on the meter at the start of this test.
  • Return to check the meter reading after 15 minutes has elapsed.
  • If the numbers have changed, you might have a leak in your pressurized water system. Shut off the supply valves to all toilets in the house, and repeat steps.
  • If the numbers have not changed, you may have a running toilet that should be serviced.
  • If the numbers have changed, this indicates water consumption even though water was not being used during the test. Call our office to schedule a service appointment.

Note! Most residential water meters register water in one cubic foot increments. A cubic foot is approximately 7.48 gallons.

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